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Affiliate Marketing, It Works!

If you are new to the subject, no idea where to start and unsure if it works, let us assure you on affiliate marketing, it works! In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how you can eventually earn from it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The process of promoting products and earning commissions from every sale or referral is known as affiliate marketing. You can monetize your content through this type of marketing model.Affiliate Marketing It Works - Affiliate Marketing Process

The process is straightforward and has the potential of providing a steady stream of passive income and lead you closer to achieving financial independence.

Who are the Players?

The first thing you need to know is how this process works and who are the major players involved. Every affiliate marketing network consists of the following four parties:

  • Merchant – The company or the brand responsible for creating the product that you want to sell is known as the merchant. These vendors can range from entrepreneurs to large scale companies.
  • Affiliate/Publisher – Affiliate is the entity which runs advertisements on their website via affiliate links. For every referral or sale this party makes, they earn a commission. Individuals, all the way to companies are the entities that act as affiliates. It is the job of these parties to convince prospects to invest in the products of the merchant.
  • Consumer – Consumers are the ones who visit the affiliate marketing blog, click on the link, and make the purchase. While it isn’t necessary to inform consumers about the affiliation, most publishers prefer to remain transparent.
  • Network – The network is the medium between the merchant and the affiliate. They can be third-party or internal platforms that maintain the affiliate program and pay commission to the publishers for the sales.

What are the Benefits?

The fact that you can earn money by providing links to consumers is like a dream come true. Are there any other benefits to this style of advertising? For starters, you can think of this as an inexpensive startup with low amounts of risk.

You don’t need to throw in thousands of dollars to get into the world of affiliate marketing programs. For instance, something as simple as having a social media profile focused on this task should suffice. By the time you have to think about expansion, you already have multiple sources of revenue.

People prefer affiliate marketing programs because it gives them the freedom to decide what they want to promote to users. Due to this reason, you will always find products that resonate with your beliefs. On top of that, you get to decide which service you want to use for affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting the products to your customers. As the merchants will take care of this aspect, you can focus on being creative with your marketing techniques.

Where and How to Start?

Given below are the steps you need to follow to start in the world of affiliate marketing:

  • Select a niche – When you want to get into affiliate marketing, you need to consider which niche suits your interests. What you choose will determine how you run the advertisements, the content you need to create, the type of products you can promote and your target audience. Start with a topic you already know, as you already have expertise in this domain. It will make it easier for you to create engaging content and build trust with consumers, which will translate into an increase in sales
  • Research a keyword – If you don’t know which market to enter, you can always perform keyword research to see what is trending at the moment. With this information, you can position yourself to reach your target audience. .
  • Join affiliate marketing programs – Now that you know what market suits your preferences, the next step is to become a part of an affiliate program. There are both third-party vendors and the business, which creates the products that run these platforms. Before you sign into any affiliate marketing programs, you need to take a look at their offerings. Keep in mind that it is better if this network already has popular products in your niche. Another option would be to turn towards a third-party affiliate program, which has a myriad of product listings. The advantage of this type of network is that you don’t need to create multiple accounts, to access these offerings.
  • Choose your affiliate marketing style – The final step is to decide how you want to market the products of the merchant. One method is to review these offerings. If you do your research well, your blog will start to have a high ranking in the search engine results. Make sure that the information you provide helps the target audience. Another option would be to have a live webinar where you can educate the target audience about the product you want to market. You get the opportunity to engage with the consumers by answering all their queries. You can try your hand at email affiliate marketing through regular engagement. However, make sure that all the messages you send to your target audience aren’t only about sales. There is also the option of trying out pay-per-click advertising.

You should try a combination of all four techniques so that you have multiple sources of affiliate marketing. As you start to grow and become popular among your target audience, you can begin to focus on methods that give you the highest returns.

Final Thoughts

Yes, affiliate marketing does work and it is an easy and excellent way to start increasing your sources of revenue. One of the most significant benefits of this busines model is that there isn’t any upper limit to how much you can earn. If your content becomes extremely popular among your target audience, it is as good as hitting the jackpot.

One thing to be mindful though is that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The process will take time. You need to be mindful of how you generate traffic to your content. By putting in the effort to improve your website, you will observe an increase in commissions over time.


  1. Most valuable thing for life and affiliate marketing is changing your life. Best opportunity, don’t miss it.

    1. Hi Firnaz,

      Thank you for your comments. Most definitely, affiliate marketing is a great opportunity and we should all not miss it.

  2. This was a great read. You’ve done a very good job of laying out the basics of affiliate marketing. There is no doubt if someone has a real passion, or a niche of interest, affiliate marketing is absolutely a way for them to break into the business world. I would love to see some more specific reviews on different affiliate marketing companies, maybe with pros and cons lists for each. Just an idea.

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your comments.  It is great to know that you love to see some reviews of specific companies in the affiliate marketing realm.  Thank you for the suggestion.  I indeed have done some and will continue to do so. Here is one review I did on Wealthy Affiliate.  I would love to hear back your views and insights on this as well.

  3. So thoughtful of you to share such a wonderful review on affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing over the years has indeed changed a lot of person’s lives by making income through it…  It has been and remains one of the best and easiest ways you could earn online….. Thanks for sharing such an informative article after share it.

    1. Hello Evans,

      Thank you for your comments. Indeed, affiliate marketing has been and remains to be one of the best and easiest ways one can earn online.  It may take some time and a lot of learning for those who are just starting.  But the beauty of is that once properly set-up, recurring passive income will be in your cash flow stream.  And to set it up, one may need resources and training, which fortunately is available to everyone. 

      Thank you for sharing this post and other related posts. Do you have resources that you also leverage for purposes of making money online?

  4. edahnewton1 says:

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Affiliate marketing has proven to be an efficient online business anyone can invest into in other to make passive income. I never thought of the possibility of it being a real source of revenue to me, until I started promoting products and receiving commissions based on sales made from my recommendations, it is indeed convenient and can be a good side hustle in addition to your normal job

    1. Hello Edah,

      Thank you for your comments and insights. It is great to know that you are already receiving commissions on the sales you have made from your product reviews. Creating content such as product reviews can obviously take a lot of effort.  Do you use any software that can help you out in the process?  In my case, I have found a digital writing assistant very invaluable.  Have you checked out this one?  

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