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Starting a Blog for Free

Starting a blog for free? It seems too good to be true. But our experience will tell you otherwise. Since being introduced to the online world, we have constantly searched and explored online business opportunities, particularly those for free.

Blogging may appear challenging and costly if you are just starting out. But it is quite simple, and there are various tools you can use to make the whole process easy and for free. In this blog, we discuss some of the key elements that will enable you to achieve such an objective.

Select a Good Name

Selecting a good name could be one of the toughest parts when starting a successful blog. However, it is crucial as this will serve as your brand name and your target visitors will associate you with your blog through its name.

Recommend that the name should be unique, relevant to the objectives of your blog, preferably short and can easily be remembered. It might be best to brainstorm a number of options, from which you can choose one that best describes your site, what it aims to accomplish and be appealing to its target visitors. Make sure that your blog names do not contain overused words, numbers, and characters.

Get a Reliable Web Host

A web host refers to the technology infrastructure where your blog will physically reside. You would typically register with a company that will rent you storage space on its computers so that your website can be sited there. It is the place where all the data, photos, and files used by your blog will be located and which users across the globe can access by entering your domain name.

Choosing the best web host for your blog is of paramount importance to your blog’s success. Ideally, you would want a host that has a track record, reliable, provides necessary bandwidth and top-notch speed as well as overall user satisfaction and experience to your visitors.

Install and Learn WordPress

WordPress is top-rated, open-source, and FREE content management software. It is very popular and in fact being used by the majority of professional websites and prominent brands, among them BBC, New York Times, and Time.

To start a successful blog, you will need WordPress. It will allow you to define and manage how your site will look to the visitors and the content that you will publish.

You have no reason to feel intimidated by WordPress. Installing WordPress is pretty simple. Once installed, you can log into the dashboard of WordPress with your user credentials and start the process of building a blog.

WordPress and your web host will provide you with extensive training materials to get you going.

Beautify via Your WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes are ready-made website design layouts or templates created for WordPress. These templates are available for building your blog from scratch or easily revamping an existing one.

Your new blog on WordPress would typically feature several free themes that you can use and most of the time, they will be sufficient in enabling you to start and grow a professional-looking blog.

You also have the option of purchasing a premium theme, which can come with all the bells and whistles you may wish for your blog. Note, though, that any professional premium theme can cost you around 50 USD or more. These themes will enhance the functionality and appearance of a website greatly. They can also provide additional features and capabilities that may not be available from the free versions.

Most of the themes offer a support forum you can leverage for questions. My experience has been that in most of the forums, a community member will come to your rescue and assist you with your questions or issues to resolve.

Of course, if you do not have much time to study and do-it-yourself, you can always outsource the job to experienced web developers and there are tons of them in the market.

Install Essential Plugins

WordPress plugins are 3rd-party apps for any WordPress blog. These plugins offer additional features and functionalities to your blog. There are so many free plugins available. Some of them may be provided by your web host. But the most important ones that you need will be those for search engine optimization (SEO), an image optimizer, anti-spam, and social media sharing.

While a majority of plugins are free, you may have to purchase some of them. It is possible to download new plugins by going to your WordPress Dashboard’s “plugin” section.

Establish Your Online Persona

An important task to be completed to start a successful travel blog is to create an about page for your website. It can be one of the most visited web pages on your travel blog.

Your About Page informs your visitors who you are, your background, and explains the reason why they need to follow you. It establishes trust, a key ingredient to success. Also, make sure that your page is personable, fun, and engaging.

You also need to leverage social media to start a profitable, successful blog. In addition, you should aim to post regularly on social media platforms. Mastering social media is a huge topic by itself. However, start by signing up with the major platforms. It is an excellent practice to keep the same user name for all the social media websites so that you are not confused later.

One caveat though – try to manage the time you spend on social media. It would be best to make sure that the time you dedicate to social media is within limits to make sure that you spend most of your time creating engaging and quality content for your blog and in particular free of embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors.  You may want to refer to another post on one of the tools you can use to achieve this.

Monetize Your Blog?

It is likely that in the beginning, your friends and family would be your only readers. That is fine and totally expected. Many successful bloggers started in the same fashion.

To eventually generate income, your blog needs to have a bigger audience and reach beyond your family and friends. The more web traffic you generate for your blog, the higher your chance to earn money from your site on a sustainable basis.

It will take some time to expand your audience and increase traffic. Advice from experience – do not be in a hurry to earn money instantly. Instead, concentrate on growing your content and building an audience. As the cliche goes, patience is a virtue.

Once your blog starts to generate a reasonably good size audience, there are so many ways to leverage your blog and start generating income. That time will surely come.

Starting a Blog for Free – Final Thoughts

We hope that the above article has convinced you that having a blog is not so daunting and complicated. And once set-up, the opportunity to earn from it in a sustained way will come.

Even beginners have unlimited resources available for starting a blog for FREE.          >>> Check one out in a separate post!

If you have additional queries or want to share your insights on the topic, please leave them through the comments section below? Meanwhile, if you are ready to start your successful blog:

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  1. Wonderful article, lays out the process simply and easily. It’s always nice to have a way to test the waters without a huge investment and you explained everything nicely.

    1. Hello Wakeman,

      Thank you for your comments and kind words. Indeed, it always helps to have the capability to test and decide without having to shell out a huge investment.

  2. I absolutely love your layout and how easy to grasp. Well written I’ll b e back for more! thank you and Don’t Stop !

    1. Hi Jordan,

      I will surely continue to provide more content. Glad you loved the article. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Yes it is actually easy to start a blog for free. I agree with you that WordPress training is the place to start. I also explained why we should start with WordPress in my own post.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Your post likewise outlined clearly a number of work-from-home ideas anyone with desire and motivation can start with WordPress.

  4. What a great article. I’ve bookmarked this for a future reference to look back at.

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