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Technology has now made it easier for aspiring online entrepreneurs. This article answers the question: What is the best online business to start with no money?

People often get hung up on the logistics, money, and risks involved. In reality, though, there are many low-investment options for beginners. While you still need to put in the effort to market and build your brand, these business ideas will allow you to bypass the substantial costs involved. The list here, as well as those we discussed in an earlier post, opens up a lot of online opportunities that you can leverage.

Provide Remote Tutor Service

Becoming a remote tutor is an excellent option for people who want to work from home and set their schedules. You don’t need a formal teaching qualification to tutor either, so it’s the right choice for students and other professionals. You can work as a contractor or sign up to tutor as an employee. The pay depends on your qualification, experience, and subject matter. There is no limit to what subjects you could teach, English and other languages, math or science; you name it. Also, if you don’t want to teach directly, you could create lesson plans or other teaching material. Many companies would pay well to have tested and more written for their students.

Freelance as a Writer

If you’re not sure about blogging, you could always freelance and write for other people. Companies and individuals are always looking to pay per article to advertise their brands or products. There are several freelance websites that you could join. You could even start your website and advertise yourself by posting snippets of work you have done or stories you have written.

Be an E-Book Author

If you have a passion for writing, you may consider turning that into a lucrative business by e-book writing. The precision required to write a good book remains, the difference is, you sell your books as PDF’s online. With e-books, you eliminate the cost of publishing, printing, storage, and delivery. As everything is digital, you can reach a much wider audience. You control everything: you write, design, market, and publish books yourself, which means you keep 100% of the profit. The success of your books will depend on your writing style and ability to brand your product. Do that, and you can earn some serious bucks.

What Is The Best Online Business To Start With No Money - YouTube

Become a YouTuber

YouTubers these days have become minor celebrities in their own right, there is no limit to the type of content they can create. YouTube allows creators to enable monetization in their account settings. You can either join their Partners Program or have your videos made available on YouTube Premium. Through this, you can earn money from advertising. You could also earn money by:

  • Selling merchandise on your channel
  • License your videos to media and other outlets
  • Partner with brands or become a brand ambassador

It’s essential to know your brand and know your audience so that you gain a good following and have brands reach out to you.

Reach an Audience as a Podcaster

Podcasting uses spoken word to reach an audience. The demand for audio-based information is becoming increasingly popular because it can be accessed on the go. As with other online businesses, you need a clear idea of what you are selling and who you are selling to. Once you’ve established this, you can start earning:

  • Sell your products or services, including your voice (voice-overs, voice acting)
  • Sell products of other brands for commissions
  • Help other podcasters
  • Brand yourself well to gain sponsorships.

Focus on creating quality content that will attract more listeners.

Serve as a Virtual Assistant

Just like an assistant, only better; you get to work from home, offering your services to entrepreneurs and businesses alike. If you’re great at multitasking and enjoy doing something different every day, then this is a great business to consider. The list of services you can provide is long and varied, such as scheduling appointments, booking travel, personal errands, administrative tasks, minute taking, content writing, financial management, social media management.

Provide Bookkeeping Services

Those of you with a knack for numbers can consider bookkeeping from home. You don’t need to be a certified accountant to work freelance as a bookkeeper. More than anything, you would need to advertise your services and skill set. There are many free tools online, which you can use to help with your work.

Be an Illustrator

If you are an artist, why not harness your talent to make a living for yourself. You can pitch to clients online or through social media, reach out to them and see if they would like original designs. Clothing stores, authors, ad agencies, or even individuals; all require the art of some kind for their various products or personal use.  In addition to this, you could have your designs printed on t-shirts, mugs, or other collector’s items and sell them to make extra money.

What Is The Best Online Business To Start With No Money - Web Design

Become a Web Designer

If you love or have a degree in web design, you may consider this as a starting point for your own business. Market yourself and your designs and earn money from work that speaks for itself. You could join freelance websites, advertise through social media, or reach out to businesses to gain clients. You could also sell stock graphics. Not everyone can afford a full website revamp, but many companies and small companies are willing to pay for graphics. As a stock image/graphic, you can resell each piece endlessly. You can also contract with other web developers.

Start and Succeed as a Blogger

If you are passionate about something, may have a way with words and can write well, consider blogging as your new business. Create a public website and provide people with useful information. This could be “how-to” blog posts, DIY crafts, recipes, and more. You could even outsource your blogging and write for other people. To generate cash from it, you may consider the following:

  • Have advertisements on your website
  • Opt for affiliate marketing
  • Guest write for other bloggers and media outlets
  • Reach out to an agency to build your brand
  • Charge for e-books, tutorials, and workshops
  • Sell space on your newsletter to other brands

With blogging, it’s essential to build a following. The use of social media to create a network with other bloggers will help you reach a lot of people.

Final Thoughts

The idea of leaving your job to start a new independent venture can seem extremely daunting. However, the freedom and passion you feel when doing something you love can be so rewarding. The internet makes it possible to start your business cheaply and with ease. So don’t let the fear of huge investments scare you as there are FREE resources you can tap to get started with your online business today. Click below to go to one of such resources.

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  1. This article is so good! I have found so many ways to make money from home. I have recently joined Wealthy Affiliates and created my blog but you have exposed so many other ways that i could make money meanwhile, whilst my website is growing. Virtual assistant and freelancer writer re my favourites.

    Thank you,


    1. Hello Yoana,

      Thank you for your comments.  It is great that you have joined Wealthy Affiliates – indeed the perfect platform for your blog.  And since you surely like to write, then being a virtual assistant and a freelance writer are natural extensions.  Good luck in your online endeavor.

  2. edahnewton1 says:

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have learnt a whole lot from this article. As a college student, having a side hustle that will bring in some cash to support my studies have been my major drive. Having stumbled into this viable business opportunity toa start with Zero cash, I am overwhelmed. However, I found blogging more interesting and convenient for me to embark on. Thanks for the insight

    1. Thank you for your comments, Edah.  For sure, blogging is an interesting and convenient way to start.  To kickstart the process and have a blogging platform at your disposal for free, check out a resource we recently reviewed.

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