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Hi, this is Jay R.  My wife (Zen) and I both have been very dedicated to a career in the corporate world since we graduated from university. Notwithstanding, even during the early part of our career in Asia, we already had our sights on someday setting up our own business so that we can have more time to ourselves, do what we love to do and enjoy life, rather than be hostages to the demands of corporate life.

Interesting Career Diversions

We both entered the labor force armed with accountancy degrees, started working with, and climbed the ladder with various multinational companies. Starting in the accounting field, we were soon drawn into different paths – I moving into project/program management, and Zen into the supply chain world.

This deviation from an accounting career path introduced us and further amplified our thirst for starting our own business. We did just that, with Zen focusing on managing what eventually turned into a successful business. Meanwhile, I was at the peak of my career with one of the global brands. Nevertheless, I opened up an internet cafe (very popular at that time), with me providing the oversight. We also tested import and export, but just did not have the time and passion for it, that it eventually died down.

During these times, my work required me to travel extensively while Zen focused on our family business that involved local, regional, and global product development and customer interface. Both our trips (solo or together) exposed us to different cultures and allowed us to meet interesting people around the world.

Then we decided to migrate to Canada to open up better education and opportunities for our daughter. We were fortunate enough to be able to obtain immediate employment. So back to corporate life once again for both us. However, this did not dampen our desire to continue pursuing business opportunities.

We both enjoy traveling around the world and we always try to squeeze it in our hectic lives as part of the corporate world. Then we realized we needed a mechanism to record our travel experience and opportunities that we can then share with our family and friends back in Asia. Thanks to the internet, that led us to explore the idea of setting up a travel blog. That was our first entry into the online business and there is no turning back.

Our Mission – Paying It Forward

Since being introduced to the online business world, we have been constantly in search of worthwhile online business opportunities and have tried and explored various online business models – some successful, others not really.

We have explored the e-commerce store, dropshipping, email marketing, and a lot more. When we started our travel blog, we then realized that we can monetize the blog and that introduced us to affiliate marketing.

Our online business journey has been full of learning and insights and we would love to pay the opportunity forward by sharing them with anybody who is thinking of venturing into this online marketplace, the road to which can be smooth for some but can be very bumpy for the most, particularly the beginners.

Our Goal for this Website

The above has motivated me to set-up this website. My aim for this website is to continuously provide a curated array of meaningful experiences, valuable lessons, ideas, and opportunities I see ahead. I have accumulated a lot of positive experiences, but I also learned some hard lessons. I hope they will make the journey for others less bumpy.

If you ever need a hand or have any specific questions that you think we can help, please feel free to leave them below and I will gladly answer them to the best I can.


Jay R